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The V-weapons, known in original German as Vergeltungswaffen "reprisal weapons", were a particular set of long-range artillery weapons designed for strategic bombing during World War Two. They comprised the V1, a pulsejet-powered cruise missile; the V2, a liquid-fuelled ballistic rocket (often referred to as V1 and V2) and the V3 cannon. All of these weapons were created for use in a military campaign against England, though only the V1 and V2 were so used in a campaign conducted from 1944 to 1945. After the invasion of Europe by the Allies, these weapons were also employed against targets on the mainland of Europe, mainly France and Belgium. These “V” weapons killed approximately 18000 people, for great part civilians. The cities of London, Antwerp and Liege were the main targets.
We propose to visit several launch sites as Siracourt, Bois des Huit Rues and Eperlecques Bunker where you will better understand the urgency for the Allies to neutralize these places.
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We propose a full day's visit. For more of information and prices, contact us.
(Only available from April to October)