Frequently Asked Questions
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Do I have to share the tour with other people?
No you and your family or friends will be the only people on the tour and we can accomodate a maximum of 7 people. The cost you pay is for the guide and vehicle. if you are more than 7, you will have to rent your own vehicle and the guide will be your passenger.

When do the tour start and finish?
Generally we start at 09:30am and finish at 05:30pm.

Do you provide tours during the winter season?
Yes, we do but please don't forget that the weather can be horrible with ice, snow or storms and so we may have to cancel it. Of course, in this case you will be refunded.

What should I wear?
Comfortable walking shoes or boots and layered clothing, including a waterproof jacket. During fall and winter seasons you may also need hat, scarve, gloves and warm clothes. Even in the summer, you may get quite muddy and some tours involve crossing wet fields of quite tall grass.

What it is not included in the tour?
The tour does not include  accommodations and meals (including lunch), incidental expenses such as laundry, drinks, personal expenses, nor actual fees access to museums or attractions.

Can I take my pet with me?
No, unfortunately we do not accept pets in our vehicles.

Of course if you have any question, please, feel free to contact us by email.

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