Murielle Castier, Manager and Guide
Murielle was born in Saint-Quentin, Picardy, France.

Ever since she was a child, Murielle has attended every year American Memorial Day ceremonies and has always been involved with the history of both World Wars, keeping alive the memory of these glorious soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice of their life for Freedom. Her grandfather was one of the employees of the US Government who helped to build the actual World War I Somme American Military Cemetery at Bony. Her father worked as caretaker for the World War I American Federal Monument at Bellicourt. Three generations dedicated to this noble cause. Along this path Murielle has learned, thanks to the information given by actual local eye-witnesses to the tragedy of war, and is eager to share her experiences with you.  

Murielle started her career for the US Government in 1988 and for 25 years she worked for the American Battle Monuments Commission. She was certified in 2007 as an Interpretive Guide after having successfully completed the Interpretive Training Program organized by the US National Park Service. She has been a tour guide for many people including Government Officials, VIPs, Military Units, Historians,, and has also consulted for US, British and French TV networks, (PBS, AFN, RMC Decouverte...).  

Finally she has decided to create her own company - HCTP - and works with various partners including American Tour Operators in United States but also from various countries. Murielle has also been mentioned in several publications for her tremendous help and experience. 

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Frederic Castier, Guide
Frederic was born in Calais, North, France.
Since he was a child Frederic was merged in the history as his grandfather was during the Second World War part of the French resistance and helped Allied pilots who crashed with their airplane to escape France by Spain. After the war his grandfather will receive a personal letter from General Dwight Eisenhower for his action.  

Frederic is a freelance guide working regularly for our company. His knowledge in the First and Second World Wars were recognized by the US Army where he was in charge to organize Staff Rides and ceremonies for them. He was also consultant and participated in several TV documentaries and his name is also mentioned in several books by historians.