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Welcome to the website of Historical Consulting - Tourism & Patrimony (HCTP) where you will find all the information about our company.

We offer a large selection of tours which includes not only battlefields on the two World Wars but we also specialize in private tours and pilgrimages for the whole family, VIPs, schools and military "Staff Rides".

Our goal is to share and educate you in the rich History and Culture of France. We want you to discover that there is so much more than the battlefields, architecture, arts, beauty of the land and of course, the people.

If you don't speak French, no problem as we speak both American English and French making communication difficulties a thing of the past! 
We would also like to inform you of all our special services for historical consultancy, researches, etc...


Am endorsing the wonderful experience with HCTP for their complete knowledge, geographic sites and memories associated  with these high quality tours. There is no better.

Jerry L. Hester, U.S. World War One Centennial Commissioner


Historical Consulting Tourism & Patrimony

6 Rue Laugée
02420 NAUROY

Tel.: +33 (0) 667 754 711
Email: info@hctp.net 

Siret: 80215742000026